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Let Us Inspect Your House!


Whether you are buying, selling or maintaining your home, it's always wise to have a certified inspection so you find any deficiencies or safety concerns. In older homes we can test the water or paint for lead, or test for asbestos in certain areas.   We invite you to inspect the property with us and will email you the full report including a summary page of major and safety concerns.  Call 24/7 for free estimates.  

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Standards Of Practice
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   Our Home Inspection is performed according to State Of Connecticut -Standards Of Practice. The SOP was developed to ensure a uniform standard to which all Licensed Home Inspectors abide. A Home Inspection means an examination and written report of all accessible components of a residential building. Those components include, but are not limited to:

  • roof

  • exterior components

  • masonry

  • structure

  • foundation

  • crawl spaces

  • electrical systems

  • plumbing

  • heating 

  • cooling

  • interior components

                                                                                                   The intention is to provide the condition of the structure,  systems and components,  at the time of the inspection.